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1. SPARTANSPORTSBOOK reserves the right to restrict or decline wagers as circumstances dictate.
2.  SPARTANSPORTSBOOK reserves the right to change all rules and regulations contained herein with prior notice.
3. SPARTANSPORTSBOOK will determine minimum and maximum wagers on all sporting events. Limits are subject to change without prior notice.
4. SPARTANSPORTSBOOK is not responsible for any form of misrepresentation by the customer; therefore all payouts will be issued to the account holderís name.
5. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to make a wager.
6. In some jurisdictions Internet Betting might be prohibited. It is the customerís responsibility to verify the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction and abide by them. The government of Costa Rica legally licenses SPARTANSPORTSBOOK, and it can accept wagers from all countries.
7. All calls will be recorded and recordings are used to settle all figure disagreements. In all cases of a disagreement both management and the customer agree that the tape recording of the transaction will serve as the final determination in the disagreement and all wagers will be adjusted accordingly.
8. It is the responsibility of the customer to listen carefully to the clerk's readback of his plays. The customer shall then confirm his plays by repeating his account number and password. If for some reason the call is terminated before the final readback is completed, the plays shall stand as long as the plays have been confirmed or read back once. It is the responsibility of the customer to call back if there is any question about the readback.
9. The wagers are graded ONLY after the contest is final.
10. We accept wagers up to the amount available in your account (We will not accept wagers surpassing the limit of your account balance).
11. The minimum amount to open an account is $50. (For information on our promotions and bonuses call customer service)
12. All future deposits over $500 will be matched with a 10% bonus and we will cover all transfer fees (Some Restrictions apply).
13. Referral bonuses are offered whenever the new account sign-up deposit is over $500 and the existing account has active funds (Some Restrictions apply).
14. Payouts are processed Monday through Friday on demand. However, to receive a same day payout, the request has to be submitted before 12 pm PST. Payouts can be processed via Western Union, Credit Card Deposit, Wire Transfer or Moneygram. Different fees apply for each method
15. Any credit card transactions will have to be accompanied by a signed credit card transaction form and photocopies of the card (front and back) along with a photocopy of a valid picture I.D.
16. All credit card deposits have to be credited back to the same credit card (exact same amount of the deposit) before any other form of payout is issued. The fees for credit card payouts are 5%.
17. Part or all of the available balance in your account can be withdrawn at any time (Restrictions apply, read rule #18).
18. The maximum bonus amount cannot exceed $2,000 on any deposit.
19. The following restrictions apply on all payouts and Bonuses :
  • The bonuses offered on initial deposits, Re-deposits, and Referrals, cannot be withdrawn from the account for a period of 30 days and if the account does not show action up to twice the amount deposited plus twice the bonus monthly.

  • The deposit that originates the bonus can be withdrawn at any time but there will be a loss of bonus if the deposit is requested before a 30 day period.

  • Payouts requested will be sent in the name of the account holder without exception.


  • Free payouts may not exceed a $75 fee. The remaining amount (If Any) will be covered by the customer.

20. We are not responsible for shared accounts.
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